Collection: Ordinary Legends | The Sac Era Collaboration

Announcing a collaborative t-shirt design from Ordinary Legends Apparel and The Sac ERA to celebrate the city and our Sacramento Kings. The black or white tees will feature a specially designed logo representing downtown Sac and our Kings with a tribute to lighting the beam. The back will have the classic Ordinary Legends logo in purple. Represent at the game, sports bar or at a friend's house as you cheer for the home team to take it all the way.

The founder of The Sac Era, DaKari Hardeman a college student in Los Angeles, CA is developing and pushing his brand, and Ordinary Legends Apparel is all about chasing dreams so when they asked to collaborate it was only right to join in.

Visit their website and stay tuned for more from The Sac Era:

We appreciate your support. Grab a dope Unisex Sueded T-shirt today. Click the photo below.